National Resistance Front of Afghanistan

National Resistance Front of Afghanistan


Ahmad Massoud

Leader, The National Resistance Front (NRF)

For his diplomatic and tactical skills, Ahmad Massoud was declared his father's successor in the decades-old fight against the Taliban by hundreds of their family's ethnically diverse supporters and allies.

Only 12 years old when Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by the Taliban, he has dedicated every stage of his life from that moment on to protecting other families from their violence.

As his father did in years past, Ahmad Massoud—the Young Lion—will unify Afghanistan's many tribes and constituencies to defeat all those who would oppress the Afghan people.

Saleh Registani
Chief Commander, The National Resistance Front Forces (NRF Forces)

Saleh Mohammad Registani was born on 28th of August 1963. He started his work in 1980 with Afghanistan National Hero – Ahmad Shah Massoud. He completed his military study in Jamiat-e-Islami University and then became a military officer.

Commander Registani was taught and supervised by Ahmad Shah Massoud. He was worked with him for more than 21 years and learned different tactics and proficiencies. In 1994, Mr. Registani was admitted to Kabul University in the Faculty of Political Science.

Ali M. Nazary
Head of Foreign Relations, The National Resistance Front (NRF)

Ali Nazary is head of foreign relations for the National Resistance Front. He previously served as spokesperson for Ahmad Massoud's political office and as his personal advisor on international relations.

Nazary is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and the London School of Economics. Leading the NRF's diplomatic outreach, he frequently appears on international media to advocate for the interests of the National Resistance Front and the Afghan people, and provides real-time updates on developing events via Twitter.

Sebghatullah Ahmadi
Spokesperson, The National Resistance Front (NRF)

On 23 November, Sibghatullah Ahmadi was appointed as the new spokesman of the NRF. The position was previously held by Mohammad Fahim Dashty, who was killed during the Taliban offensive into Panjshir on 5 September.[27]